Liquid cooling for telecom equipment

Dr Olli Salmela
Lecturer's institute: 
Nokia Bell Labs
16.1.2019 09:30 to 11:00


5G brings some significant improvements to telecom infrastructure: more data can be transferred due to wider bandwidth and low latency enables new applications, such as autonomous driving. Moreover, IoT (Internet of Things) technology connects many new devices to network thus bringing capability to remotely monitor and control those.

The progress, however, comes with high power devices that need to be effectively cooled down. Air cooling may not be a viable option in all cases. Therefore liquid cooling has become a useful alternative. When using liquid cooling, reuse of waste heat becomes an interesting option to reduce the overall carbon footprint of telecom industry.


Short biography

Dr. Olli Salmela is reliability engineering manager at Nokia Bell Labs. He has more than 10 patents and is the author of more than 40 reviewed scientific articles. Dr. Salmela acts as adjunct professor at University of Oulu and Aalto University. His research interests include reliability, RF technology, cooling methodologies, and machine learning. Olli Salmela’s team won the Nokia Quality Award in 2018.

Last updated: 8.1.2019