Infotech breakfasts Spring 2019

The breakfast schedule for Spring 2019: 


  • Monday 3.6 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage

Olli Liinamaa, Ecosystem Power – Practical experiments done with 5GTN – 5G Test network

  • Monday 20.5 at 10-11 am, Agora AT128   (HOX time and place!!)

Abdenour Hadid and his researchers - Towards medical diagnosis using computer vision

  • Monday 6.5 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage  

Karita Kasurinen - Iris.AI

  • Monday 8.4 at 8-9 am, Tellus Stage  (HOX time!!)

Juha Röning, Seppo Vainio, Jussi Hiltunen (from VTT) -  Towards Human Internet of Things: Bridging Biosensors to Electronics via Printed Intelligence and Datamining

  • Monday 25.3 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage 

Matti Silveri - Controlling and using energy losses to run quantum technologies

Last updated: 19.8.2019