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InStreams Hub is an inorganic circular economy research community at the University of Oulu, focusing on interdisciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering, followed by the management and utilization of inorganic side streams. It has high interest to put scientific research into practice providing research-based information for continuous cross-border cooperation, between companies and research institutes. This is why we have established a newsletter, targeted to all researchers, students, company representatives, and journalists that are interested in inorganic circular economy and its future. We will be posting news, event information and notify possible cooperation possibilities a few times a year.

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The InStreams Hub community has over 100 researchers working on these themes. 

The community is led by the head of the Fibre and Particle Engineering unit, professor Mirja Illikainen.

The primary contact for each theme can be found from the theme pages.

In operative coordination we have

  • InStreams Coordinator, Henna Longi
  • Communications Specialist, Heini Tuorila

All emails are in the format: firstname.lastname @