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Inorganic energy materials

Enhanced energy storage and production methods play a key role in sustainable development towards low-carbon society.

Batteries and capacitors as energy storage devices are crucial for a wide range of applications, such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and stationary applications for wind and solar energy storage. The development of batteries and capacitors with higher energy densities, longer cycle lifetimes, and acceptable levels of safety at an affordable cost are critically needed.

The transition from carbon towards hydrogen-based technologies in fuels and industrial processes sets new challenges for advanced active materials. Production of hydrogen is a pre-requisite towards sustainable energy production. Inorganic side streams are a source for the development of environmentally friendly materials with low cost, and they offer a way to improve sustainability throughout the value chain in energy production and storage.

  • Energy storage
  • Batteries and capacitors
  • Battery chemicals
  • Materials for hydrogen production


Primary contact:

Head of the Sustainable Chemistry research unit, professor Ulla Lassi


Other  senior researchers who are working in the field:


Last updated: 28.4.2020