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CO2-concious materials for construction

Inorganic material research of circular economy is essential to enable more sustainable technologies.

Circular economy research focuses on CO2-conscious concrete-like materials, such as geopolymers. Our goal is to find out new applications for inorganic side streams from the process and energy industry as well as to combine high-level academic research and commercialization of the research results.

Understanding the reactivity and processing of materials is equally important as the research on the properties of the end-product. Safety of the materials both from the environmental and end-user viewpoints is fundamental.

Focus areas:

  • Geopolymers
  • Alternative cementitious binders
  • Foams
  • Composites
  • CO2 utilization


Primary contact:

Head of the Fibre and Particle Engineering research unit, professor Mirja Illikainen


Other  senior researchers who are working in the field:



Last updated: 4.11.2020