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Advanced material characterization

Novel imaging and characterization are enabling multidisciplinary research of inorganic materials.

Our goal is to benefit local and international state of the art methodologies on characterization of physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials and processes aiming at efficient use of resources and minimization of waste. The exact in-situ characterization of raw materials and end products, as well as profound fundamental understanding of the behavior of materials in operating conditions, is at the core of research.

The unique role in synchrotron radiation-based research, local facilities as well as AI methods and inverse problem understanding benefit from advanced imaging and characterization of inorganic materials and are developed for the purpose.

Focus areas:

  • In-situ and operando characterization
  • Novel imaging techniques
  • Spectroscopy in process control and material research
  • Synchrotron-based methods


Primary contact:

Head of the Nano and Molecular Systems research unit, professor Marko Huttula


Other  senior researchers who are working in the field:



Last updated: 11.8.2020