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Preventing environmental contamination

Transforming useless side streams into sustainable functional materials is essential for the future of circular economy.

Environmental contamination is a major concern of today. Emissions to air, water and soil are changing our way of living. Utilization of inorganic side streams in cleantech applications helps us to reduce the amount of waste and the contamination of our environment.

Our research focuses on the development of novel materials for wastewater treatment and for emission control. Ensuring high quality, safety and good performance of these materials is very important. Based on the scientific information from both the raw materials and the products developed, the materials are tailor-made for specific applications. Our multidisciplinary collaboration is an excellent forum for this.

Focus areas:

  • Materials for wastewater and emissions treatment
  • Catalytic materials and adsorbents
  • Waste stabilization
  • Utilization of pollutants, e.g. VOC, CO2 and other small molecules


Primary contact:

Docent and Academy Research Fellow at the Environmental and Chemical Engineering unit, Satu Ojala


Other  senior researchers who are working in the field:



Last updated: 11.8.2020