InStreams Hub

Value streams and productization

Wasteful economy is transferring towards circular economy and sustainable value chains.

To decrease the amount of inorganic waste, or to transform waste into value-added products, we need new technologies, processes and value chains, which profoundly shape the future of our economy and society. We focus on developing operative supply chains, new strategic value chains and business ecosystems as well as productization and commercialization of novel technological solutions.

Our research integrates knowledge to anticipate challenges in sustainable value chains, linking value chain analysis to engineering and feeding information to policymakers and actors in the public and private sectors. Employing the understanding of the business behavior provides a strong basis for examining sustainable business model development towards circular economy for inorganic side streams.

Focus areas:

  • Business ecosystems
  • Sustainable business models
  • Product life cycle management
  • Operative supply chain and value stream renewal
  • Productization and commercialization


Primary contact:

Head of the Industrial Engineering and Management research unit, professor Harri Haapasalo


Other  senior researchers who are working in the field:



Last updated: 11.8.2020