University of Oulu, 2019

Advanced characterization of inorganic materials

Tenure Track 3: Characterization of physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials and processes

The tenure track position “Advanced characterization of inorganic materials, especially in in-situ and operando conditions” will strengthen InSTREAMS research in the area of TECH.

The position focuses on the characterization of physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials and processes aiming at efficient use of resources and minimize waste. The exact in-situ characterization of the raw materials and end products as well as profound understanding on the behavior of materials in operating conditions is in the core of this position. The candidate is expected to develop and apply the state-of-the-art, in-situ and operando characterization techniques for the analysis in the areas of raw materials, end products and chemical modification processes. The methods may include benefitting international large-scale facilities and locally available instruments, such as various microscopies, spectroscopies, imaging and synchrotron radiation facilities. Teaching responsibilities will be determined within the research unit.


What is InSTREAMS?

InSTREAMS is a multidisciplinary research programme aiming to integrate knowledge to anticipate challenges in sustainable value chains. This is achieved by linking value chain analysis to engineering and basic research and feeding information to policy makers and actors in the public and private sectors. The vision is to actively contribute to the move towards clean production ecosystems of the future by identifying and solving key problems with the help of high-quality research.

The InSTREAMS community includes researchers in the following faculties: Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Oulu Business School.

The InSTREAMS research programme includes two broad research themes, TECH and VALUE. The TECH research theme concentrates on the efficient, safe and sustainable use of high-volume inorganic side streams from various industries. The VALUE research theme focuses on creating new, sustainable business models, strategies and value chains based on these inorganic high-value side streams. Altogether, the InSTREAMS programme will open five tenure track positions within these two thematical areas.

Last updated: 11.8.2020