University of Oulu, 2019

Responsible business strategy to renew organizations and ecosystems

Tenure Track 5: Advancing scientific knowledge on responsible business such as inter-organizational collaboration, international and strategic entrepreneurial and managerial activities

We are now looking for talented and enthusiastic scientists to join our InSTREAMS research community at the University of Oulu.

The tenure track position “Responsible business strategy to renew organizations and ecosystems in inorganic circular economy” will strengthen inSTREAMS research in the area of VALUE.

The position focuses on advancing scientific knowledge on responsible business as means to achieve the UN sustainable development goals in the context of inorganic circular economy. Responsible business is seen to comprise of inter-organizational collaboration as well as international and strategic entrepreneurial and managerial activities. Topics such as responsible entrepreneurship, responsible marketing and branding, industrial marketing, business relationships, innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and business ethics are considered as relevant for the field in question. The successful applicant has an academic background in responsible business, e.g., from the perspective of marketing, management, entrepreneurship or international business. Previous experience in studying responsible business in industrial contexts may be considered a benefit. Teaching responsibilities will be determined within the research unit.

The tenure track position is open to highly talented individuals who hold a doctoral degree and have excellent potential for a successful scientific career. We expect you to know your way around with multidisciplinary, national and international collaboration and be familiar with the most common funding instruments such as the Academy of Finland, the European Union and others.

Based on your experience and competence, you will be placed at the level of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor or Distinguished Professor. You will receive also full benefits provided by the University of Oulu to all its employees, including free time corresponding to holidays and free occupational health care services. A start-up package (from the Associate level onwards) will include funding for hiring a 4-year postdoctoral fellow and a 4-year PhD student. 

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What is InSTREAMS?

InSTREAMS is a multidisciplinary research programme aiming to integrate knowledge to anticipate challenges in sustainable value chains. This is achieved by linking value chain analysis to engineering and basic research and feeding information to policy makers and actors in the public and private sectors. The vision is to actively contribute to the move towards clean production ecosystems of the future by identifying and solving key problems with the help of high-quality research.

The inSTREAMS community includes researchers in the following faculties: Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Oulu Business School.

The InSTREAMS research programme includes two broad research themes, TECH and VALUE. The TECH research theme concentrates on the efficient, safe and sustainable use of high-volume inorganic side streams from various industries. The VALUE research theme focuses on creating new, sustainable business models, strategies and value chains based on these inorganic high-value side streams. Altogether, the inSTREAMS programme will open five tenure track positions within these two thematical areas.

Last updated: 29.8.2019