InStreams Hub - Inorganic circular economy research community

We are an internationally recognized cross-disciplinary hub in solving global sustainability challenges. Scientific breakthroughs enabling the utilization of side streams in novel products and clean production ecosystems.


Sustainable materials processing

Achieving sustainability in inorganic materials production requires recycling or re-use of all output streams as well as carbon-free production routes.


Inorganic energy materials

Enhanced energy storage and production methods play a key role in sustainable development towards low-carbon society.


CO2-concious materials for construction

Inorganic material research of circular economy is essential to enable more sustainable technologies.


Advanced material characterization

Novel imaging and characterization are enabling multidisciplinary research of inorganic materials.


Preventing environmental contamination

Transforming useless side streams into sustainable functional materials is essential for the future of circular economy.


Value streams and productization

Wasteful economy is transferring towards circular economy and sustainable value chains.