Inverse Days 2010 Programme



Wednesday Dec 15


  Arrival to Oulu and Sokos Hotel Arina  
11:00 Registration booth opens  
12:00-13:00 Lunch at Restaurant Torero (2nd floor of the hotel building, entrance from the Isokatu street)  

Afternoon session

Chair: Valeriy Serov
13:15 Valeriy Serov Opening of conference
13:30 Matti Lassas Inverse problems for heat and wave equations and the collapse of the dimension
14:00 Samuli Siltanen Electrical impedance tomography for nonsmooth conductivities
14:30 Ioan Bucataru A geometric setting for systems of differential equations and the inverse problem of the calculus of variations
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Valeriy Serov Inverse fixed energy problem for nonlinear Schrödinger operator
16:00 Annual meeting of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society
18:30 Conference sauna at the Technopolis building (Sepänkatu 20), the Reykjavik room.
20:00 Light supper served at the sauna event.
24:00 End of sauna event.

Thursday Dec 16

Morning session

09:30 Mikko Salo Attenuated geodesic ray transform on simple surfaces
10:00 Juha-Matti Perkkiö Ray transform with conjugate points
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Esa Niemi Inverse obstacle scattering with limited data
11:30 Antti Nissinen Reconstruction of domain boundary and conductivity in electrical impedance tomography using the approximation error approach
12:00 Lauri Oksanen Inverse problem for the wave equation with one measurement and the scattering relation
12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session

13:30 Pasi Raumonen Approximation of biomass and branch size distribution of trees from laser scanner data
14:00 Janne Hakkarainen Data Assimilation: Challenging Atmospheric Inverse Problem
14:30 Teemu Luostari Elastic wave modeling using the ultra weak variational formulation in 3D
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Lassi Roininen Stochastic Partial Difference and Differential Equations in Bayesian Inversion
16:00 Juha Vierinen Faraday rotation lag-profile inversion with the Jicamarca radar
19:00 Conference dinner at Restaurant Sokeri-Jussin Kievari. Click here to see the menu choices.

Friday Dec 17

Morning session

09:30 Sampsa Pursiainen Hierarchical Bayesian approach to MEG with real data
10:00 Silvia Allavena A compressive sensing approach to image reconstruction in X-ray solar astronomy
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Massimo Brignone No-Sampling Linear Sampling and Contrast Source Inversion methods for breast cancer microwave imaging
11:30 Alberto Sorrentino Dynamical solutions to the MEG inverse problem
12:00 Ville Rimpiläinen Electrical Imaging Modalities in Pharmaceutical Applications: Case Studies of Drug Release Testing and High-Shear Mixing-Granulations
12:30 Valeriy Serov Closing of conference
12:35 Lunch  
13:30 Coffee  


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