New Degree Program Director


Henrik Hedberg has started as a Degree Programme Director at Department of Information Processing Science on September 1, 2014.

According to University of Oulu Education Regulations, a Degree Programme Director is responsible for the planning and implementation of a degree programme. He is named by the Education Dean of the Faculty.

Henrik Hedberg is responsible for the 5 years degree program in information processing science including Bachelor's and Master's degrees as well as 2 years Master's programme. Marianne Kinnula continues as a Degree Programme Director for the Masters Degree Programme in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D).

In addition, Henrik Hedberg acts as a chairman of Study Evaluation Group and Teaching Development Group. Together those form the function of a Degree Programme Committee at the department. According to Education Requlations, a degree programme committee supports the operation of the Degree Programme Director and evalutes Licentiate and Master Theses. Its members are nominated by the Education Dean. Henrik Hedberg is also responsible for the overal teaching arrangements in the level of courses and teachers at the department, and is a member of the department's steering group.

The number of employees at Department of Information Processing Science is about 90, of which about 50 participates in teaching. The amount of students is over 1000. The annual volume of teaching was over 20 000 ECTS credits in 2013.

Henrik Hedberg has received his Master of Science degree in Information Processing Science at the University of Oulu in 2002 and Licentiate of Philosophy degree in 2005. He has hold various positions, such as assistant professor and lecturer, at the department since 1998. He is specialised in open source software development and technologies.

Last updated: 1.9.2014