Getting to Know the Discipline

When you have studied information processing science at university, you will have an excellent background and expertise for any position that involves the development or application of information technology. The teaching in Information Processing Science focuses on the design and realisation of data systems, software products and software services. Learning to understand how IT can support the actions of people and organisations in different situations and how software business can be developed in the competitive global environment is of equal importance.

You will also develop general skills needed in working life, such as written and oral communication skills, problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. When you graduate and start working, you will be able to design ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions for new applications and independently monitor the future development of the ICT industry and related methods.

Nowadays, ICT is part of many aspects of our everyday lives: management, healthcare, industrial production, marketing, gaming, entertainment and consumer applications. The growth and internationalisation of Finnish software companies is an indication of the continuous growth of the software industry. Actually, there are no services in modern society that do not involve ICT in one way or another. Data communications and communications technology have a huge role in our everyday lives, even though we do not always notice it.

The ICT industry has experienced major changes in the past few years. Basic functions and industrial production have been transferred abroad. The ICT industry will be a major employer also in the future, but the job descriptions of the people working in ICT will change. Expert services will become more and more important. The focus will shift from routine work to innovation, product development and the management of services. The ICT industry is changing at a dizzying rate. We do not know what the job descriptions or positions will be like in the future, but we do know that ICT experts will always be needed.

Last updated: 21.6.2017