The Information Processing Science degree programme launched its alumni activities in spring 2005. The alumni activities are essentially cooperation between former students and the university; graduates from the degree programme can keep in contact with the university, other alumni and former coursemates, as well as contact current students and cooperate with them.

Teaching of information processing science started at the University of Oulu in the late 1960s. As of today, more than 1,300 Masters of Science have graduated from the degree programme. 70–90 new Masters graduate every year and start work in the ICT industry. This circle of professionals is a large academic circle outside the university. The alumni community can support the degree programme and its public affairs by means of personal networking. At present, the Information Processing Science degree programme and its research units – a community consisting of around 800 students with information processing science as their major and around 90 staff members – is one of the largest and most international communities in the University of Oulu.

Graduates from the degree programme can register as alumni on the University of Oulu alumni website. Registered alumni will receive information about the university’s operations and an opportunity to attend a variety of seminars and training events.

The Information Processing Science degree programme wants to determinedly develop its alumni activities to promote cooperation between the alumni and the university. For example, project work or a Master’s thesis will benefit both the alumnus and their employer, and the Information Processing Science degree programme.

The degree programme wishes to develop the alumni activities in cooperation with other parties active in the field of information processing science. That is why not only the Department of Information Processing Science but also the Information Processing Science Student Organisation Blanko ry and the Northern Ostrobothnian branch of the Finnish Information Processing Association (POTKY) are involved in the alumni activities.

You are welcome to join us!

Last updated: 20.6.2017