Student Projects

Project education by the Information Processing Science degree programme consists of two independent project courses: Project Work (previously Project I) and R&D Project (previously Project II). The goals of these projects are slightly different.

Project Work

The purpose of the Project Work course is to familiarise the students with project work in practice, allow them the opportunity to integrate their previous Bachelor-stage studies and apply the basics of project operations in practice. The objective is for the students to be able to profitably work in projects in the field of information processing science. The assignments given to Project Work are usually fairly clearly defined and limited, which is why the students need not spend a large share of their project time determining the goals. This allows them to focus on the adoption of the ways of working and the project management triangle throughout the project period. The projects realised by Project Work are usually focused on implementation (i.e. programming).

Information to clients (Finnish)

R&D Project

The goal of the R&D Project course is to integrate the working skills of academically educated experts into actual projects in working life. The purpose is to focus on what people expect from a graduate from the Information Processing Science degree programme in actual research and development projects. During the course, the students learn how to work as a versatile professional in the industry. The course is useful for those who are interested in an academic career and those who plan to work as an expert in an organisation and produce information to be used in projects and elsewhere with systematic, academic methods. Students attending the R&D Project course are expected to have such project management skills that the project team will be able to participate in the determination of the project goals and further specify the goals during the project period to use the project’s resources in a manner that benefits the client as effectively as possible. The projects are specimens of the students’ project management skills, and the assignments vary a great deal: research projects, surveys, design projects, implementation projects and assessment assignments.

The next course will start in early September. If you are interested in offering an assignment for the project, please contact the responsible person (tonja.molin-juustila[at] as soon as possible and at the latest by 15 June. The final assignments must be submitted by 20 August.

Information to clients (Finnish)

Project Manual

The operating principles of the project courses have been compiled into a Project Manual (Finnish).

Contact information

Antti Siirtola (projects)
Email: Antti.Siirtola(at)

Tonja Molin-Juustila (R&D Project)
Email: tonja.molin-juustila(at)

Last updated: 5.9.2018