Degree Programme Director

  • Planning, implementation and quality control of the degree programme
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of development measures
  • Preparation of curriculum principles
  • Preparation of education budget, financial plan and plan of action
  • Student selection
  • Planning and implementation of marketing and student recruitment
  • Processing of previous competence and exceptional PSP applications
  • Cooperation with the open university and universities of applied sciences
  • Chairperson of the Teaching Development Group
  • Chairperson of the Study Evaluation Group

Henrik Hedberg

International Master’s Programme Coordinators

  • Master’s programme planning and development
  • Master’s programme marketing and student recruitment
  • Student selection
  • Cooperation with partner universities

Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D)

Marianne Kinnula

European Masters Programme in Software Engineering (EMSE)

Muhammad Ahmad Ovais

Secretary of the Teaching Development Group

  • Preparation of meetings and minutes
  • Implementation of the curriculum
  • Collecting and processing student feedback

Arto Lanamäki

Resource Manager

  • HR resources
  • Contact person in timetable issues

Juha Iisakka

International Affairs Director

  • Development and implementation of international mobility
  • Contact person for international mobility partners
  • Responsible person for specialised student exchange courses
  • Student councelling related to international studies

Juha Iisakka

Internship Director

  • Development and implementation of working life cooperation
  • Contact person for working life cooperation partners
  • Responsible person for intership courses
  • Student councelling related to internships

Tonja Molin-Juustila

Tutoring Coordinator

  • Contact person for tutor teachers
  • Contact person for group tutors
  • Orientation manager

Leena Ventä-Olkkonen

Marketing Coordinator

  • Planning and implementation of marketing and student recruitment
  • Development and updating of web pages
  • Development and updating of social media channels
  • Arrangement of events
  • Development of high school cooperation
  • News

Elina Annanperä

Last updated: 28.8.2018