M-Group won ITEA2 Exhibition Award



M-Group team won the ITEA 2 Exhibition Award in AMALTHEA project at ITEA2/Artemis co-summit 2013 in Stockholm on December 4th 2013.


AMALTHEA is an ITEA 2 funded project that is developing an open and expandable tool platform for automotive embedded-system engineering based on model-driven methodology. Specific features will include support for multi-core systems combined with AUTOSAR compatibility and product-line engineering. The resulting tool platform will be distributed under an Eclipse public license. University of Oulu project team comes from a research group called M-Group in the Department of Information Processing Science. The team members are Professor Markku Oivo (Scientific leader), PhD  Pasi Kuvaja (Project Manager); Doctoral Students Markus Kelanti, Nebojsa Tausan and Jarkko Hyysalo (Project Researchers); and  Master’s Students Mika Veikkola and Matti Honkala (Master’s Thesis Reserachers).

M-Group team demonstrated on the booth resulting tool chain running on Eclipse platform supporting Requirements Engineering and Management, multi-core development and simulation in Automotive, Industrial Automation and Telecommunication domains.

More information can be found from www.amalthea-project.org

Last updated: 11.12.2013