Expiration and Modernisation of Major Studies

As a general rule, only studies in information processing science that were completed a maximum of ten years ago can be included in an Information Processing Science degree.

If a student wishes to include in their degree studies that were completed more than ten years ago, they must follow these principles:

  1. The student must switch to the latest version of the Information Processing Science Degree Structure (OPS).
  2. Courses that are mandatory in the new OPS may be replaced with corresponding previously completed courses. Principles of correspondence were prepared when the OPS was renewed, and these principles must be followed.
  3. Other information processing science courses that are not in­cluded in the new OPS can be included in the optional studies.
  4. If the courses were completed more than ten years ago, the student will have to modernise their studies by completing the Tietojenkäsittelytieteiden osaamisalueet tänään (“Current information processing science competence areas”) course (814342A, 5–15 credits). The course will be entered in other studies.
  5. The student must complete a personal study plan (henkilökohtainen opintosuunnitelma, HOPS) that includes the arrangements listed in points 1–4 above and have it approved.

Approved by the Information Processing Science Degree Programme Committee (OKTR) on 3 March 2016
Approved by the Education Committee of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering on 17 March 2016

Last updated: 21.6.2017