An internship refers to a student working in a position related to their study line to apply what they have learned in practice. For the most important information on internships, please visit the University of Oulu Working Life Connections page, where you can find tips on how to apply for a position and see vacancies addressed to the University of Oulu. A student interested in becoming an intern should first study these general pages and instructions of the university.

The internship included in the Information Processing Science degree programme is an optional course with two types of implementation: either by reporting your work experience afterwards or by preparing a plan of your internship, reporting weekly for two months and preparing a final report. The latter option is mandatory for students doing their internship with the financial support from the university. To complete the internship course, you will need to work in a position in the ICT industry where you can apply the information you have learned during the courses included in the degree programme. You can receive three to five credits from your internship course, depending on how long your internship is: e.g. if you work as a full-time intern for four months, you will receive five credits by reporting it afterwards. In case you have successfully applied for the financial support, you will receive five credits already from two months’ full-time internship including the more extensive reporting as mentioned earlier. The study guide includes separate internship courses for the Bachelor’s (814311A) and the Master’s (814601S) degree programme. You should study the descriptions of these courses with care. You must obtain your own internship and sign an employment contract with your employer. At the end of the internship, your employer will give you a reference.

If you need tips on how to find a job, you may look for vacancies here. Information Processing Science students should be active in order to find a job. Many companies in the ICT sector do not openly publish their vacancies because they do not have the time to handle the workload caused by job applications. Some companies have posted instructions on how to apply for internships on their website or a have an online form you can use. Think about what your strengths and special interests are. Google companies that could have positions that interest you. Boldly contact them. You should also think about turning your online profile into a personal business card/portfolio so that potential employers will get a good idea of what you can do and what you have done in the past. If you need support in finding an internship, you should study the university’s internship grant. An internship sponsored by the university usually lasts for 2 months at minimum.

Criteria for applying Information Processing Science internship support for each degree programme

The university also sponsors internships of Information Processing Science students every year. A limited amount of support is available annually. You should submit your application as soon as the application period starts, as the available amount of support may be exhausted before the end of the application period and support is granted on a first come, first served basis. You should start arrangements for your internship in due time in the autumn before the start of the internship support application period. The internship support is used to cover some of the salary costs of the intern to the employer. The latest information on internship support (such as how much support is available or useful tips for internship placements) can also be found on the internship website. Please visit the website first, because all the information on it also applies to internship support for Information Processing Science students. To apply/receive internship support, the following are also required:

  • You are a student with Information Processing Science as your major and you have enrolled as a present student
  • Your studies enable internship in positions included in the scope of Information Processing Science
  • You have not received any internship support from the University of Oulu before
  • You undertake to include the internship for which you receive support as part of your optional studies (Internship in ICT duties [814311A] OR Work Experience in ICT responsibilities [814601S]) by submitting a report on your internship without delay (for more specific instructions, please see the learning environment)
  • You have agreed on the internship with the contact person in charge of internships in Information Processing Science before starting work (see the contact information below) 

The university also supports internships of degree students that take place abroad. More information on this support is also available on the internship website.

Contact person

University Lecturer Tonja Molin-Juustila

Ms Molin-Juustila can offer more information and add you as a member of the course workspace in the learning environment. When contacting her, please give the name of your employer, your work duties, the duration of your employment and the agreed internship period. Information may also be requested by email.

Last updated: 25.4.2019