Summer School

The University of Oulu arranges several courses and exams in the summertime. You should utilise all of the courses arranged by the university by, for example, studying minors in the summer. A course of 25 credits in psychology and a course of 25 credits in pedagogics, arranged by the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia, are excellent for students of information processing science.

Summer School 2018

Classroom teaching is available in May and June for the following courses:

  • Introduction to Programming

  • Object-oriented Programming

  • Software Development (continues in August)

For more information, please see the Summer School of Information and Communication Technologies.

Summer exams 2018

The exam dates in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering are Monday 4 June and Monday 18 June. The exams will be announced in early May.

Opportunity to return project work, etc. in summer 2018

If you wish to do an assignment, a project work, or like during the summer, please, directly contact the responsible teacher. Note that the submission date must not be later than 31 July, if the study accomplishment needs to be registered during the academic year 2017-18.

Last updated: 24.5.2018