Summer Studies

Note! This page contains information only on Master's degree summer studies. The Bachelor's degree summer studies are available in the Finnish page.

The University of Oulu arranges several courses and exams in the summertime. You should utilise all of the courses arranged by the university by, for example, studying minors in the summer. A course of 25 credits in psychology and a course of 25 credits in pedagogics, arranged by the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia, are excellent for students of information processing science.

Also internship (Work Experience in ICT Responsibilites) is a good alternative to be taken during summer time.

Summer Studies 2019

Classroom teaching is available in May and June for the following courses:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Software Development (continues in August)

For more information, please see the Summer Studies of Information and Communication Technologies.

Summer Exams 2019

The exam dates in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering are June 3rd, 8th and 17th as well as August 24th.

Opportunity to return project work, etc. in summer 2019

There is opportunity to deliver a project work or similar by the end of July or August in the following courses:

  • Advanced Research Methods (responsible teacher Netta Iivari): ask instructions from the responsible teacher
  • Embedded Software Development Environments (responsible teacher Antti Juustila): instructions in wiki, no support, only independent exercise work
  • Information Systems Theory (responsible teacher Netta Iivari): ask instructions from the responsible teacher
  • Interaction Design (responsible teacher Netta Iivari): ask instructions from the responsible teacher
  • IT Infrastructure (responsible teacher Petri Pulli): ohjeet Optiman työtilassa IT Infrastructure 2019
  • Real Time Distributed Software Development (responsible teacher Petri Pulli): instructions in the Optima workspace RTSD-2018 (815305A)
  • Research Methods (responsible teacher Arto Lanamäki): ask instructions from the responsible teacher
  • Usability Testing (responsible teacher Mikko Rajanen): instructions in Moodle (individual usability testing process)

If you wish to do an assignment, a project work, or like during the summer, please, directly contact the responsible teacher.

Last updated: 24.4.2019