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22.12.2020 News

Fab Labs' Nordic co-operation is intensifying

The Nordic Fab Labs have strengthened their co-operation by establishing an association. The presidency of the association rotates the Nordic countries and the autonomous territories belonging to the Nordic countries, so that each in turn is responsible for leading the association. The board has a member from all the Nordic countries.

18.12.2020 News

New Master's Programme in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science combines medical and data sciences

Altogether 23 degree programmes taught in English are available - next application period on 7-20 January 2021. University of Oulu now opens a record number of five new international degree programmes in the fields of epidemiology and business analytics, chemistry, and digitalisation.

17.12.2020 News

Multi-functional, self-sustainable sensing components for smart skin

Electronic skin (e-skin) is a thin, flexible and adaptable electronic material that mimics the functions and properties of human skin and can be widely used in healthcare, industry, robotics and a new generation of prostheses. For example, e-skin enables the detection of contact and heat on machines and devices, increasing their intelligence and opportunities for interaction with the environment and human. In the coming decades, e-skin will be one of the key technologies in the societal shift towards intelligent automation and human and machine evolution.

9.12.2020 News

Feasibility tests for future air mobility

Ambitious project plans with tight schedules have faced drastic delays due to the pandemic, which has put  a halt on mobility and has limited access to research premises and equipment.  One  of  the  multipartner  projects  forced to redraft  its  research steps is the EU-funded ICT project 5G!Drones. Committed to trial selected use cases for the most prominent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications, the project relies on the complementary  expertise  from  20  organisations  around  Europe, both universities and companies.

7.12.2020 News

World's first experimental 6G research environment is being built in Finland

The research infrastructure for future wireless technologies 6G-FUWIRI, which just received funding from the Academy of Finland, raises basic radio technology research in Finland to a new level - to very high sub-THz frequencies.

7.12.2020 News

6G Flagship participates in the first EC funded 6G project with leading European industry

The Hexa-X project has been awarded funding from the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, a significant step toward bringing together key ind

2.12.2020 News

Associate professor Mehdi Bennis elevated to IEEE Fellow

Associate professor Mehdi Bennis from the Centre for Wireless Communications has been elevated to the grade of an IEEE Fellow. The IEEE fellowship is attributed for his contributions to resource optimization in heterogeneous and low-latency wireless networks.

19.11.2020 News

Two of our 6G researchers named Highly Cited Researchers

Associate professor Mehdi Bennis and professor Tarik Taleb from the Centre for Wireless Communications received a truly significant recognition as they were named Highly Cited Researchers 2020 in the annual listing of world’s most influential researchers based on publication data in the Web of Science.  Both of the experts have a key role in the 6G Flagship programme at the University of Oulu.

19.10.2020 News

6G Waves magazine highlights latest achievements

Finnish 6G Flagship programme has published a new issue of 6G Waves magazine. The 56-page magazine highlights latest achievements, collaborations, and the expertise of innovators who are taking 6G research to the next level. Stories also demonstrate how our experts contribute to 5G adoption and beyond 5G development with collaborators in various sectors.

16.10.2020 News

Beyond communications engineering in 6G

Enthusiastic and expressive, Mehdi Bennis has a way of pulling a listener into his field of excitement without resistance. The Centre for Wireless Communication associate professor has been wrapping his head around the 6G vision and while thinks the real revolution is yet to come, he has a pretty good idea where it will come from.

9.10.2020 News

The University of Oulu celebrates International Girls' Day – rector Niinimäki gave up his post to 14-year-old Mimmi Jakola for one day

Mimmi Jakola took over the rector´s post as part of the Plan International’s Girls Takeover campaign, where girls will step into the shoes of political, social and financial leaders to celebrate the UN’s International Day of the Girl.  This year the Girls´ Takeover campaign highlights the impact of technology on equality. Girls and women must not only be able to use technology but also be involved in developing it.

25.9.2020 News

Towards industrial edge computing

The Center for Ubiquitous Computing, at the Faculty of the University of Oulu, has joined project FRACTAL – A Cognitive Fractal and Secure EDGE based on a unique Open-Safe-Reliable-Low Power Hardware Platform Node. The project is a 16 M€ ECSEL Joint Undertaking, co-financed by the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and Business Finland.

10.9.2020 News

Professor Heli Jantunen Awarded Yushan Scholar in Taiwan

Heli Jantunen, the receiver of 2019 Finnish Science Award, was awarded Yushan Scholar by the Ministry of Education (MOE), ROC Taiwan. Professor Heli Jantunen is a current Head of the Microelectronics Research Unit at the University of Oulu. Her works on ultra-low temperature co-firing ceramics in particular have received world-renowned recognition.

2.9.2020 News

UROS and the University of Oulu announce strategic partnership

UROS and the University of Oulu are pleased to announce they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership that will see them forge closer links across a broad range of activities.

2.7.2020 News

Printed flexible electronics – one step closer to smart clothing

The researchers of the University of Oulu, together with their partners from VTT Research Center and Polar Electro, developed a new system of electrodes that can be implemented into our clothing and withstand our daily routines.

30.6.2020 News

Speeding up 6G research – new White Papers published

6G Flagship has published 11 new 6G White papers.

23.6.2020 News

Digitalisation boosts business

Digital business can be found in all sectors. Researchers at the University of Oulu analyse opportunities for digitalisation and help companies to develop a new business model. Their partners include the Port of Oulu, which is building a 5G local network with digital services.

11.6.2020 News

Academy Professor Matti Latva-aho is a veteran of all the ”G's”

Academy Professor Matti Latva-aho is now known as the head of 6G Flagship, and is the international face of 6G research that stems from Oulu and Finland. Not shying away from 'impossible' things, Latva-aho has always taken on challenges more formidable than the one before throughout his career. ”I have never tried to take the easy way out, that's just who I am”, says Latva-aho, and that is surely one of the traits needed in a man who's in charge of a spearheading effort in next-generation research in telecommunications.

3.6.2020 News

Solid-state 3-D range imager technology in full operation

Professor Juha Kostamovaara’s research group faces unique challenges daily as it strives for meaningful results in its research field of multi-disciplinary character. Quite seldom, deep knowledge on devices, microelectronics, photonics and laser ranging can be simultaneously found within a single research group, Kostamovaara notes.

27.5.2020 News

5G/6G Test Network – the nexus of 6G Flagship

The nexus of 6G Flagship programme is the rapidly evolving, open 5G Test Network (5GTN), which first introduced its advanced network functions to researchers and developers in 2015. As a focal point of connectivity, it simultaneously links test beds, novel devices and applications; theory and practice; as well as research and business.

14.5.2020 News

2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020 Invited Presentations Published

After publishing the virtual 2nd 6G Wireless Summit 2020 keyno

5.5.2020 News

Selfishness is not the way forward - Marja Matinmikko-Blue makes the case for shared spectrum

”Radio frequencies are a natural resource, and as such, there is fierce competition on who gets to use them. It really is a fight over natural resources, and we must work toward a more fair and sustainable use of the radio spectrum”, says Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor from the University of Oulu.

30.4.2020 News

Expert Groups Devising 6G Targets - Writing Process of New 6G White Papers on the Final Stretch

6G Flagship is pursuing a brave challenge to formulate a research vision for 6G mobile communications together with esteemed experts around the globe. White papers were chosen as a suitable format for refining experts’ views and alternative scenarios in the 6G domain.

29.4.2020 News

Using the Onnikka weight management program to meet European clinical practice guidelines

At the beginning of 2020, the EU kicked off the international CoroPrevention research project, which concentrates on the prevention of heart diseases. The Onnikka weight management app developed at the University of Oulu plays an important role in the project.