31.12.2015 News

Research units replace departments

From January 1st, 2016,  the current four departments of the the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (Communications Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electric

15.12.2015 News

Two new Docents to Wireless Communications

The field of communications engineering in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering has been granted two new docentships. The rector of the University has awarded Dr. Sc.

25.11.2015 News

Nokia Foundation Award to Matti Latva-aho

Nokia Foundation has granted its Recognition Award 2015 to professor of Communications Engineering Matti Latva-aho for his outstanding contributions in the development of radiotech

22.10.2015 News

Five new video clips tell true stories about Technical Studies

Videos are aimed at all interested in studying technology at the University of Oulu. They describe the work, study and life lead by students, researchers and alumni.

14.10.2015 News

Seminaariaiheena koneiden internet yritysnäkökulmasta

Seminaari yrityksille Oulun Tekniikan päivilläKoneiden internet tulee –mikä muuttuu?

29.4.2015 News

More than 1.5 million Academy funding for ITEE

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering receives four new Academy-funded Postdoctoral Researchers and an Academy Research Fellow.

7.4.2015 News

Video clips promote study and research

Where does a researcher find inspiration? What drives a student to build robot suits? What are the strategic distances between twins teaching laser measurements?

26.3.2015 News

Horizon 2020 project on elderly, urbanization and green economy

The Community Imaging Group at the University of Oulu, along with the City of Oulu, have joined the new Horizon 2020 project

16.12.2014 News

MediaTek recruits Young Talents in Oulu

MediaTek Inc., a fabless semiconductor company operating worldwide, is opening a brand new office in Oulu and is offering job opportunities for new (or soon to be) engineering graduates.

8.12.2014 News

Background in CWC: Nokia Foundation awards Zach Shelby

University of Oulu alumni and a previous research manager at CWC, Zach Shelby, has received this year's Nokia Foundation award  for his enthusiasm in developing Internet of Things technologies and

3.11.2014 News

Professor Heli Jantunen receives exclusive ERC Grant

European Research Council has awarded professor of microelectronics and materials physics Heli Jantunen a Proof-of-Concept funding for the project ”Low Temperature Ceramics Applications” (LTCeramic

3.7.2014 News

Technology Service Point closed 14-25 July

Technology Service Point will be closed from July 14 to July 25.

8.5.2014 News

Best Talk Award of CHI 2014 to Prof. Kostakos

Professor Vassilis Kostakos has received The People´s Choice Best Talk Award at a recently held prestigious international con

29.4.2014 News

Prof. Heli Jantunen awarded an Honorary Doctor at University of Linköping

Professor Heli Jantunen, Head of Department and Director of Research at the Department of Electrical Engineering, has been awarded an Honorary Doctor by the Swedish University of L

3.2.2014 News

World-class research distinguished by international evaluation panel

Over one third of the consortia recognised as outstanding or excellent in the University of Oulu Research Assessment Exercise Report (RAE) include research groups from the new Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE). ITEE research groups participated in 13 consortia, 8 of which were ranked as either outstanding (ranking A) or excellent (ranking B). "This evaluation result forms an excellent basis for building a strong faculty", comments Jukka Riekki, the dean of the new faculty consisting of Departments of Communications Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Processing Science.

13.1.2014 News

The new faculty has started

The new new Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering was launched in the beginning of 2014, and consists of four departments: