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International Master's Degree Programs in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at University of Oulu


Come and study in Oulu, the northern hi-tech city of Finland!

A Master’s degree from the University of Oulu opens doors all over the world.

Our widely renowned study programs in the field of information technology and electrical engineering have strong emphasis on international research and cooperation.


When studying at the University of Oulu, you will not only receive top-level education and become an expert in you field, but also grow together with you fellow students.

Our international master's degree programs are inspiring, student-centered and encourage each student to achieve one's full academic potential.




Big Fish

The first 5G test network in Finland is cast up north in Oulu. This research, led at the University of Oulu by Academy professor Matti Latva-aho, is about to revolutionize the field of wireless communications.



What is it like to be a university researcher? Computer vision researcher Daniel Herrera gives his account.


Lead the way

IndoorAtlas is a pioneer of indoor positioning systems. Like many start-ups, IndoorAtlas has its roots at the university of Oulu. CEO Janne Haverinen takes us back to how it all got started.


1000 hours

What drives a student to build robot suits? Jani Lehtovirta talks about his passion.



What’s the distance between two twins? University teachers Jan and Ilkka Nissinen give their short biographies.


First Steps

What’s the first day of university like for new students of computer science and engineering?


WCE graduate stories

Successful graduates of the Master's Degree Programme in Wireless Communications (WCE) share their views on what it was like to study in Oulu, and what was the outcome of their education.

"University of Oulu is awarded to the top 2 % of European Universities"

ECTS Label Awarded by the European Commission

Choose your Field and become an Expert:


Wireless Communication Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Biomedical Engineering:
Signal and Image Processing

The programme covers the essential areas and topics of wireless communications and also prepares for doctoral studies and variety of professions in electronics industry. Students will obtain the essential knowledge on the research and design of wireless communications networks at the system level for future wireless applications like 5G.

This research-oriented degree programme provides an exciting opportunity to study in a leading-edge research environment. The programme offers students the flexibility to choose between two specialisation options: Computer Vision and Signal Processing, and Ubiquitous Computing.

The interdisciplinary programme structure and contents are based on the most recent international recommendations for biomedical engineering education. Students of the programme focus on biomedical signal processing, biomedical imaging and image processing, and other related technologies.


Software, Systems and Services
Development in the
Global Environment

European Master in
Software Engineering


The students will gain a solid foundation of SW engineering and Information Systems methods and technologies, competence to work as experts and managers in global ICT companies, and skills to lead multicultural teams, projects and units.

EMSE is a double degree programme between four European universities. Programme students will gain a solid knowledge to be applied as managers or IT specialists in software companies, or applied researchers in academia.



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University of Oulu Graduate Stories

"My urge became a reality here, as I was trained and guided by the world's finest professors, researchers and support staff. If you want excellence, this is the place to be."

“A versatile education where I feel like I’m being challenged, and where I experience things that no other university can offer me.”

"The educational system is the best in the world. This means the student gets a deep understanding of the field and becomes ready for cutting edge research in the future."


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Have fun, live and enjoy unspoiled Northern nature, safe environment and great student services!

Finland - Number 1 in Student Satisfaction

The Best Country to Study

The Safest Country

Unspoilt Nature


International students have ranked Finland as the best coutry to study in Europe. Reasons include: the high level of academics, social life and university services. Finland has repeatedly been ranked the safest and least corrupt country in the world. The country of thousands of lakes, Lapland wilderness and high technology cities, Finland has been recently ranked as one of the world's most peaceful, competitive and livable countries.  

Easy Access

English Speaking Finns

Modern Industrial Economy


From Finland you have easy access to Asia. The two official languages, Finland and Swedish, are complemented with English as many Finns speak fluent English. Finland has a diversified modern industrial economy and the income per capita is among the highest in Western Europe.  


Oulu - a Safe and Active environment


 Youthful Student City

One of the Smartest Cities

Life in Safe


Oulu is a youthful studetn sity of comfortable size. Living in Oulu means easy access to both high technology and northern nature. Oulu has repeatedly been ranked among the smartiest cities in the world. In Oulu, you hve the opportunity to live in a safe and active environment.  

Lively Business Hub

Remarkably Productive

A Multicultural City

Oulu is home to many high technology companies, from startups to international corporations. Collaboration between the University of Oulu, the city, research institutes, and businesses has veen remarkably productive. Oulu is a multicultural city where almost everyone speaks Englsih.  


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