University of Oulu Starts Collaboration In Next-Generation Mobile Communications With South Korean Research Institute

University of Oulu starts collaboration in next-generation mobile communications with South Korean research institute

 The University of Oulu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) from South Korea. The agreement concerns collaboration in 5G and 6G mobile communications. The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Hyun Kim, Vice-President of Hyper-Connected Communication Research Laboratory and Dr. Jouko Niinimäki, rector of the University of Oulu.

Home of the 6G Flagship programme, the University of Oulu will collaborate with ETRI in research. The representatives from both institutions had a lively discussion at the signing ceremony about the activities, plans and vision for the future of mobile telecommunication.

As laid out by professor Matti Latva-aho, in the 2030’s we will live in a society that is data-driven, enabled by near-instant and unlimited connectivity. ETRI’s vision for mobile communications beyond 5G include ultra-reliable low-latency communication, terabyte-per-second peak data rates, hyper-precision, AI-based intelligent networks which are all important and shared goals among the 6G community. The crucial nature of joint research and cooperation was stressed by both parties.

-From 3G to 5G there have been government-led efforts to strengthen the national competitive edge in technology. For 6G, global cooperation is pivotal, and today is just the starting point of great collaboration. Let’s make 6G together! says Dr. Kapsoek Chang, leader of Future Mobile Communication Research Division of ETRI.

-6G is now recognized by the wider telecommunications community. In the 2020’s the world will have billions of mobile broadband users; in the 2040’s we’ll have trillions of AI-enabled connected objects. We are now developing fundamental technology that will be needed 20-30 years from now. The next step is to utilize all the benefits of 5G. Next step will be to develop 6G enablers, says professor Matti Latva-aho.

Let’s make 6G together!

ETRI is a leading research institute that employs 2000 researchers. The Future Mobile Communication Division has 170 researchers. ETRI is funded by the South Korean government and it has been ranked top for many years in the US evaluation of patents. ETRI has many world-firsts under its belt, such as the first commercialization of CDMA in 1995, and the first 4G LTE/LTE-A mobile system in 2010.

The 6G Flagship currently has 200-250 researchers and in 3-4 years’ time the programme expects to have 300-500 researchers working on future technologies. In March, the world’s first 6G Summit was held in Levi and 6G Flagship core team is publishing its first whitepaper in the near future, which will describe the goals of 6G, the use-cases anticipated in 2030 and the associated technical requirements.

From left to right: Esa Posio (Programme Manager of 6G Flagship), Kapseok Chang (Principal researcher in of Future Mobile Communication Research Division), Tae Joong Kim (Assistant Vice-President of Future Mobile Communication Research Division), Hyun Kim (Vice-President of Hyper-Connected Communication Research Laboratory), Jouko Niinimäki (Rector, University of Oulu), Matti Latva-aho (Director of 6G Flagship), Marja Matinmikko-Blue (Research coordinator of 6G Flagship)


Text&pics: Janne-Pekka Manninen

Last updated: 18.6.2019