Exchange Studies


Incoming student Exchange:  If you are looking for information about exchange studies offered for incoming exchange students in the different fields of technology, please see the University of Oulu pages.  The application deadlines (both for studies and work placements) for the forthcoming academic year are the next: April 30th for the next autumn term or full academic year, and October 15th for the spring term respectively.

Search for available courses by faculties and/or study fields at the WebOodi Course Catalogues for Exchange Students.

Outgoing student exchange:  In general, all degree students of the University of Oulu can apply for a student exchange. This means that they can study a part of their degree in a partner university abroad. At the university level, there are several different exchange programmes and hundreds of universities to choose from. The length of the exchange is 1 or 2 terms (usually 1). Please contact your Study Advisor or Degree Programme Coordinator to ask about your possiblities to go to an exchange period.

Outgoing Student Exchange Information

European exchange programmes (ERASMUS+ and NORDTEK) are coordinated by your own degree programme/faculty (see below).

The University of Oulu International Services coordinate exchange programmes outside Europe.

ERASMUS+ student exchange to European partners

Please contact the Faculty Exchange Coordinator of your faculty/degree programme in question, see Outgoing Student Exchange / Faculty Coordinators. Deadlines for applications (the 1st phase) are 15.2. + 2 weeks / 15.9. + 2 weeks and are similar to those of the NORDTEK programme (see below): Application period for studies starting in the next autumn term or the whole forthcomng academic year is in February, and in September for studies in spring term of the same academic year. Erasmus+ exchange studies are supported with grants which are available for degree students of the University of Oulu who have been accepted for the exchange studies by the partner (after the 2nd application phase to the partner).

NORDTEK student exchange network

The NORDTEK network includes certain Nordic and Baltic technological universities or faculties, please see the list on the Finnish pages.

Application period for studies starting in autumn term or the whole academic year is in April 30th, and in October 15th for studies in spring term. Exchangee places and NORDTEK grants are available for engineering degree students of the University of Oulu.

Engineering students with at least 120 ECTS credits (for Bachelor's level) and 180 ECTS (for Master's level) are eligible to apply for the grant. Applicants must have sufficient language skills (usually minimally CEFR-level B2 in English). The studies completed in the host university must be accepted as a part of the student's degree at the University of Oulu and a study plan (with min. 30 ECTS planned per exchange term), accepted by the Degree Programme Coordinator (Study Advisor) at the home university needs to be attached to the application.

NORDTEK grant is 1150 euros per term and travel grant is 330 euros (2019).

In addition to applying to the NORDTEK-exchange online throuhg SoleMOVE, applicants also have to apply for it with a grant application form. Please contact Ms Marita Puikkonen, the NORDTEK contact person at the University of Oulu, to request the form and more information.


Last updated: 31.1.2020