Deadline for ITEE Collaboration Project Funding Applications

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering invites its researchers to apply for funding for ITEE Collaboration Projects. These small projects provide an opportunity for researchers from different groups to establish collaboration. Funded projects can focus on eventually producing a scientific publication, or a joint project application (e.g. for Horizon 2020). The main criterion is that the project has to lead to scientific results created together by two or more ITEE research groups. It is expected that 4-8 projects will be funded, depending on the size of the proposals.

Application schedule
- Application deadline: February 21st, 2014
- Decisions: February 28th, 2014

Application delivery: PDF document to

Questions to:

Content of the application
- Title
- Team: the participating researchers and their research groups
- Background and motivation: indicate the broader context of this work and why this work should be done. The context can be, for example, an important societal challenge, or a shortcoming in some currently widely used technology. The project needs to be linked to this larger context in a credible fashion.
- Tasks: what will be funded by this project
- Results: what will be the concrete results: documents, methods, software, devices, etc
- Schedule: how the tasks and results are scheduled
- Scientific value: what scientific value will this project generate, or how can the results of this work support achieving such results after this project.
- Continuation: what is the plan to continue work on this topic after this project. If results cannot be created within the project’s time frame, the there has to be a credible path to such results after the applied project.

- Participating researchers can be PhD students or postdocs. Full Professors cannot participate, but Assistant and Associate Professors can.
- The participating researchers have to include the planned work into their 1600 hour yearly work amount and report the hours to SoleTM as instructed
- Participating researchers need to be each from different research groups
- Each research group's leader needs to approve the plan beforehand and give permission for the researcher to work in this project. The approval and permission can be stated either by a separate email or by a signed letter attached to the application. (It is recommended that each applicant discusses with her/his research group's leader when preparing the application to confirm that the topic matches the group's strategy.)
- The application may contain at maximum 4 pages, 12 point font must be used.
- Eligible salaries: The maximum amount of person months is 8 for a team, and 3 for a researcher. Currently agreed salaries are paid.
- Other eligible costs: Traveling, material and hardware costs can be included (approximate maximum amount 10 000 euros, strict maximum depends on the amount of applications and how well these costs are justified).
- All funding has to be spent by December 31st 2014.

Evaluation Criteria for Applications
- Teams having researchers from different departments have priority.
- How feasible is the planned schedule?
- How likely is the effort to generate scientific results or new collaborative research projects?
- If two groups have otherwise equal evaluation result:
1) the group with the smaller budget is selected
2) the group with less earlier collaboration is selected (i.e. co-publications, co-projects)
3) the group generating scientific results earlier is selected

- The teams will present the accepted projects for the Faculty Board on April 25th (2-3 slides, 3 minute presentation + discussion)
- The teams will present progress reports for Faculty Board on June 13th and October 17th (2-3 slides, no need to participate the board meeting)
- The teams will present their results on an seminar on December 2014 (15 minute presentation + discussion). This seminar is open for all faculty members and students
- Various news will be written about these projects during 2014 (not project team's responsibility)

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