More than 1.5 million Academy funding for ITEE

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering receives four new Academy-funded Postdoctoral Researchers and an Academy Research Fellow.

Academy of Finland has announced results of its latest call for Postdoctoral Researcher and Academy Research Fellow positions in the fields of technology and science.

Funding for three-year Academy Research Fellow posts were received by following ITEE researchers:

  • Dr. Simo Hosio, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (€ 270 364)
  • Dr. Janne Janhunen, Department of Communications Engineering (€ 276 958)
  • Dr. Jussi Jansson, Department of Electrical Engineering (€ 283 285)
  • Dr. Gabriela Lorite, Department of Electrical Engineering (€ 262 172)

The five-year research post as Academy Research Fellow goes towards

  • Dr. Mehdi Bennis, Department of Communications Engineering (€ 434 485).

The total funding granted in this application round was EUR 19 M. The success rate was less than 10 %.

In recent years the number of applications has increased whereas the amount of available funding has decreased, leading to a situation where applications are more and more difficult to get through.

According to the Academy of Finland release, the applicants were of very high standard. The applications were evaluated by over 30 expert panels, as well as individual experts. However, the task of the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering has not been easy. Of the 396 applications submitted for Postdoctoral Researcher 119 had been assessed as excellent, only 38 of them were funded. No less than 96 of the 227 applicants for Academy Research Fellow received excellent reviews, but the funding was granted to 22 applicants only.

Academy-funded Postdoctoral Researchers are expected to renew science with their international relations and their novel research ideas. Previous international merits are prerequisite to the Academy of Finland Research Fellows and during their funding period they are expected to establish themselves in the Finnish scientific community through their research activities.

Last updated: 1.9.2015