Five new video clips tell true stories about Technical Studies

Videos are aimed at all interested in studying technology at the University of Oulu. They describe the work, study and life lead by students, researchers and alumni. The short clips are easy to share and distribute on social networks.

Release of five new shortumentaries completes the joint project of Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. The first five video clips were released in spring 2015.


First Steps

What’s the first day of university like for new students of computer science and engineering? And how does a walking robot ant fit into all this?


Grand Prix

University isn’t all about theory. Formula Student Oulu, a team of mechanical engineering students, built a race car from scratch. ”This is our chance to leave with a bang.”



How do you know if you’re studying the right subject? Eira, a student of industrial management and engineering, found her flow and landed a job during her second year of studies.


Clean Technology

Cleantech is a growing industry. Researcher Niina Koivikko works with environmental and chemical engineering at the University of Oulu. What does the future look like to her?

Lead the Way

IndoorAtlas is a pioneer of indoor positioning systems. Like many start-ups, IndoorAtlas has its roots at the university of Oulu. CEO Janne Haverinen takes us back to how it all got started.


Ten shortumentaries presented by Technical Studies at University of Oulu:

Last updated: 22.10.2015