Graduation in the FTech

Here you can find information on graduation in the study fields under the Faculty of Technology.

Students who have completed all studies required for a Bachelor's, Master's, Licenciate’s or Doctor’s degree should apply for the degree certificate by filling out an online form at the OSAT system, at the latest four weeks before the anticipated Graduation Day (always on the last day of the month).

Graduating Master's students can take part in the official graduation ceremony (Publiikki), where diplomas are distributed to the graduates. Graduating Bachelor's students may attend only to the last ceremony during the term (on December or on June). Graduates must register for the Graduation Ceremony when applying for the degree online at the OSAT system (see above). The graduate may invite two guests to take part in the ceremony. Please note, that a special invitation will not be send to the ceremony.

University of Oulu issues a Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation. It is intended for international use.

Graduation ceremonies are held every month during the academic year except in July. The ceremony takes place on the month following the graduation month (e.g. on June, if the student graduates on May).

Last updated: 31.1.2020