Award of the Pentti Kaitera Foundation to Matti Latva-aho

Pentti Kaitera Foundation has awarded Professor Matti Latva-aho,  an internationally renowned and awarded researcher in the field of communications engineering, for his outstanding research work and his achievements in promoting well-being in Northern Finland.

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"I am glad that we have the opportunity to recognize a person who is currently making a remarkable job in his field of research, and who through his research work can have a significant impact on the future of all of us in the Northern Finland" stated the Chairman of the Board Aija Kaitera from the Pentti Kaitera Foundation as the prize, amounting to EUR 20 000, was awarded for the 17th time.

Matti Latva-aho is one of the top researchers in telecommunications globally. The focus of his research work is in high frequency wireless communication systems and in 5G technology development. In wireless communication networks, capacity is limited by the available frequency band. New frequency bands for mobile communications are available only on far higher frequencies. This causes major changes in how future mobile radio systems should be designed and optimized. Latva-aho’s research creates ground-breaking understanding of how the design criteria for future wireless systems will change and what kinds of technical and transceiver solutions should be used.

In his speech, Latva-aho anticipates future developments in their field: "Mobile technologies development does not end at 5G. We at CWC we are already gradually heading for the post 5G time. What kind of software solutions will be used in 2030’s and what do these require from wireless systems? A crystal ball we do not have, but I think that twenty years from here, for example, business travel decreases and different solutions based on virtual reality take us in time and place around the world in an instant. Telepresence will be as common then as WhatsApp, Skype and other similar applications are now. "

Professor Latva-aho has worked at the University of Oulu since the early 1990s. In 1998-2006, he led the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) and now serves as leader of the research unit CWC-Radio Technologies.

The Academy of Finland has nominated Latva-aho Academy Professor for the period 1.1.2017-31.12.2021. Academy Professor position is a recognition of Finnish scientific community to the scientist's personal competence as well as the discipline the scientist represents.

Matti Latva-aho was born in Kuivaniemi in 1968. He has completed his Dr. Sc. Tech. degree at the University of Oulu in 1998. Latva-aho is a member of the Academy of Technical Sciences and he has received several major awards:  Nokia Foundation Award in 2015, the IEE Mountbatten Premium Award in 2003, Electrical Engineering Foundation Award in Finland in 2000, and the best dissertation in the fields of technology and science in 1998.

Pentti Kaitera Foundation has operated at the University of Oulu since 1988. The Fund's purpose is to promote the spiritual and economic well-being of Northern Finland. It distributes awards for meritorious research work carried out at the University of Oulu, or for any other purpose serving the University, or done for the benefit of Northern Finland. The foundation is a memorial to the first rector of the University of Oulu, Pentti Kaitera.

Main picture: Kaitera Award to Professor Matti Latva-aho was handed by the chairman of the board Aija Kaitera.

Last updated: 28.11.2016