Meet the giant showrobot Teraleon and discover job opportunites at Pesti Event

On Thursday 26th of January at the ITEE booth, the gigantic 3-meter show robot Teraleon will be presented for the first time at its full height.  It has been built by a group of electrical engineering students.

The robot building project has been documented on video series. All 10 parts are available via YouTube on Grovestream channel.

The leader of the group, Jani Lehtovirta, will be interviewed at the booth at 12 and this interview will be live-streamed on University of Oulu Facebook.


Below links to job advertisements.

ITEE welcomes all Pesti visitors to the booth #1!




Job Opportunities in Information Security


Doctoral Students in Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering



Postdoctoral Researcher in Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering



Doctoral student positions in Wireless Communications (5G research)



Postdoctoral researcher in Wireless Communications (5G research)





Last updated: 23.1.2018