SECREDAS is developing reliable and safe automated systems

The new large European SECREDAS project builds a reference architecture for reliable and secure automated systems. The project focuses on the automotive industry, rail transport and individual healthcare. They all require high levels of operational certainty and safety, and include technologies such as radar systems, vehicle-to-infrastructure and in-vehicle networks.

The SECREDAS Consortium comprises 69 universities, other research institutes and companies from 15 European countries and Tunisia. The background is ECSEL Joint Undertaking, an EU-led public-private partnership. The three-year SECREDAS project started at the beginning of May 2018 and has a budget of EUR 50 million.

From Finland the participants of the SECREDAS are the Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG) of the University of Oulu, Nokia, Solita and Haltian.

”The objective of the Finnish partners is to advance Europe and Finland in the broad area of intelligent and automated systems and to improve the competitiveness in artificial intelligence, cloud services and IoT devices, by bringing together the key academia and industry players in the field into the Finnish sub-consortium. In SECREDAS, the University of Oulu will focus on exploiting various sensors data by artificial intelligent solutions applicable to the selected SECREDAS use cases”, says Professor Juha Röning, the Leader of the BISG group.

Patrick Pype, SECREDAS Project Leader continues: “We are proud to have gathered together the key European stakeholders with expertise in their respective application domains as well as in the security and privacy area.  This will allow to make a giant leap forward in the trust of road users in autonomous transport modes and healthcare.  The consortium expects that 25% of all new road vehicles will be fitted with SECREDAS technology by 2030, representing a value of 10B€”.

The goal of SECREDAS is to develop and validate multi-domain architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration and verification approaches for automated systems, as well as taking into account and influencing standardization, certification and qualification in different domains, combining high security and privacy protection while preserving functional-safety and operational performance.  With SECREDAS a first important step will be made into the direction of developing “trust”-building components and (sub)systems for, in particular, the European transportation and medical industry of tomorrow.

Contact: SECREDAS-hankkeen koordinaattori Suomessa, professori Juha Röning, BISG-tutkimusyksikkö, Oulun yliopisto, sähköposti: Juha.Roning(at)

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Last updated: 27.6.2018