Ultimate ceramics – research topic for the brave #ERC10yrs

European Research Council is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this week. One of its success stories has taken place at the University of Oulu.  The project Ultimate Ceramics started as a crazy idea and resulted in an international invention with the greatest potential.

Evolution of smart mobile devices with wireless communication technologies requires space effective materials. Potential of electroceramics has been widely used, however, they conventionally require very high temperatures to achieve their optimal properties.

The research conducted at the University of Oulu, Microelectronics Research Group, has brought electroceramics into the forefront of development, that could lead to utilization of pure ceramic materials on challenging substrates like plastic and paper.


Unpredictable discoveries


From the very beginning in 2012, the European Research Commission funded project Ultimate ceramics has been considered as revolutionary and courageous. According to some, it would defy the laws of physics.

“My plan was to engage young bold researchers who are able to think out-of-the-box, as they have not yet learned that such boxes even exist”, says the PI of the project, ERC Advanced Grant Awardee professor Heli Jantunen.

As it happened, in 2016 the research group was the first in the world to invent a method for the fabrication of relatively dense ceramics with competent microwave dielectric properties at room temperature.

Professor Jantunen is pleased to see how the work conducted by her and her young researchers in Oulu has been spreading:

“After several scientific papers and keynote presentations in international conferences, research groups all over the world have started working on this amazing topic.”


Support for pioneers


Heli Jantunen continues to lead her group taking high risks and ground-breaking challenges in order to make ultimate novel materials and processes available in the future.

She is grateful for the ERC for making it possible to implement ideas that are aiming to take an extremely advanced leap.

“This kind of funding is essential for the fortune-favours-the-brave type of research like ours”, professor Jantunen says.


More information on the project and on research of electroceramics:

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Last updated: 17.3.2017