The Consortium of Higher Education in Kajaani

Kajaani University Consortium, a department of University of Oulu  and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences form together the consortium of higher education in Kajaani, which is a joint model to coordinate  collaboration in strategy and activities in Kainuu area.  The aim of the consortium activity is to raise the level of quality, impact , competitivity and appeal of the higher education, research and development actions in the area.

The consortium of higher education is based on the report of professor Jorma Rantanen. The agreement has been signed on 11.9.2008 by University of Oulu , Kajaani University of Applied Sciences  and Kajaani town as the admin of  Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

By this joint model to coordinate  collaboration in strategy and activities both partners ensure the smoothness of collaboration. Resources are allocated according to jointly set goals. Even though both organisations act as independent actors having their own profiles, their own model of diplomas and tasks, they collaborate tightly. 

The actions of the consortium are led by the strategy group. The strategy group consists of vice rector, cooperation Arto Maaninen (University of Oulu), president Matti Sarén (Kajaani University of Applied Sciences), mayor Jari Tolonen (Kajaani town), director Vesa Virtanen (Kajaani University Consortium)  and head of administration and finance Merja Mäkinen (Kajaani University of Applied Sciences). As secretary of the strategy group meetings acts Risto Hämäläinen (Kajaani town).

The mainline actions in consortium are:

  • Development of the joint  unit of Adult and Continuing Education , AIKOPA
  • Joint actions in supporting services: library and informatics
  • Finalising the Kainuu strategy of higher education together with the member universities of Kajaani University Consortium
  • Actions in utilising space to promote collaboration: common campus


Last updated: 6.6.2019