Michael "Mickey" Fulp at Oulu Mining School

Michael "Mickey" Fulp (USA) gave a presentation at Oulu Mining School today (17.10.2016). Mickey is an economic geologist and mining analyst with 35 years of experience in the exploration industry. He maintains a website (www.mercenarygeologist.com) and is an in-demand presenter at mining investment conferences.

 His talk:

“From Boom to Bust and Back Again” - 40 years and seven boom and bust cycles as an exploration geologist

focused on the cyclic nature of the mining business and outlines strategies based on his personal experience on how to be successful in this environment. After the presentation, the NIKOLI student society organized a meeting where students could seek advice and hints on a personal basis.

Picture: Mickey Fulp (second row, third from left) and Prof. Holger Paulick (second row, forth from left) 

Viimeksi päivitetty: 17.10.2016