SEG Chapter officials (left to right): President: Juho Tapio; Vice-president: Niilo Taipale; Treasurer: Jesse Hettula; Secretary: Matthias Mueller

SEG Nordic Student Chapter University of Oulu

Tiistai, tammikuu 31, 2017

First meeting of the SEG Nordic Student Chapter University of Oulu

Now the first steps have been taken to establish a SEG (Society of Economic Geologists) Student Chapter at the Oulu Mining School. During a meeting on the 31.1. 2017 the first official have been elected:

  • President: Juho Tapio

  • Vice-president: Niilo Taipale

  • Secretary: Matthias Mueller

  • Treasurer: Jesse Hettula


The process for the offical acceptance of this new chapter by SEG is expected to be finalized in March during a regular SEG council meeting. This is the first Student Chapter in northern Europe and will be the 100th student chapter in total. SEG student chapters are active at universities of 31 countries.

The Society of Economic Geologists, Inc., (SEG) is an international organization of individual members with interests in the field of economic geology. The Society's membership includes representatives from industry, academia, and government institutions.


The Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Student Chapters seek to bring together like minded individuals interested in better understanding our resource-rich environment and the minerals it contains. SEG encourages the formation of such Student Chapters to help promote the Society's objectives, firstly by advancing the study of mineral deposits and applying geological science to exploration, evaluation, and production, and secondly by disseminating scientific information through publications, courses, meetings, and field trips.


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