Excursion in northern Finland

Excursion: Geology and mines in northern Finland (27.05.17-31.05.17).

Oulu Mining School (OMS) and the Society of Econiomic Geologists (SEG) Nordic Student Chapter University of Oulu, organized a field trip to active and abandoned mine sites in central and northern Finland. In addition, the Paleoproterozoic Jormua Ophiolite Sequence was visited.

Day one: Otanmäki Fe-V mineralization and REE prospects

Day two: Jormua Ophiolite Sequence

Day three: Talvivaara mine visit (black shale hosted Ni-Zn)

Day four: Kevitsa mine visit (mafic hosted Ni-Cu-PGE)

Day five: Kittilä mine visit (orogenic gold) 


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