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Antti Tanhua

The effects of dry processing on the beneficiation of sulfide and industrial mineral ores / Prof. Saija Luukkanen


Fangfang Guo

The noble metal contents of Finnish basic-ultrabasic volcanic rocks and dykes: implications for Finland’s Ni-PGE-Au prospectivity / Prof. Eero Hanski


Haresh Kumar

Enhancing fine particle floatability of sulphide minerals by changing pulp chemistry using sustainable reagents and techniques / Prof. Saija Luukkanen


Ilkka Lahti

Magnetotellurics and electric conductivity in the Fennoscandian Shield / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya


Jouni Nevalainen

Application of seismic methods to 3-D and 2-D mapping of subsurface / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya


Katri Vaittinen

Crustal conductivity by magnetotellurics along the reflection seismic FIRE profiles in the central Fennoscandian Shield / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya


Kimmo Kärenlampi

Genesis and utilization of the Otanmäki Nb-REE mineralization in central Finland / Prof. Holger Paulick, Prof. Eero Hanski, Prof. Saija Luukkanen


Marko Moilanen

Magmatic mineral systems in Finnish Lapland / Prof. Eero Hanski


Mikael Vasilopoulos

Pyrite geochemistry and thermoelectric properties as vectors towards mineral deposits / Research Prof. Ferenc Molnár, PhD Jukka-Pekka Ranta


Niina Paasovaara

Develop a new method to identify microcracks inside ore boulder or ore particle generated by mechanical stress / Prof. Zongxian Zhang


Nikita Afonin

Development of passive seismic methods for studying of shallow structure of subsurface / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya


Raisa Alatarvas

Provenance analysis of Arctic glaciomarine sediments: implications for deglaciation dynamics and related meltwater releases / Prof. Kari Strand, Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka


Raul Mollehuara Canales

Applied hydrogeophysics for characterization of tailings storage facilities / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka


Rita Kallio

Development and modification of Scandium production process / Prof. Saija Luukkanen, Prof. Timo Fabritius, Prof. Ulla Lassi


Seppo Leinonen

Tectonic and metamorphic evolution, geochemical, mineralogical composition and textural properties of soapstone bodies in Finnish Fennoscandian Shield and Norwegian Caledonian orogenic belt / Prof. Eero Hanski


Tiina Eskola

Quaternary stratigraphy and geochronology of Northern Finland / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka


Tiina Nikarmaa

Dynamics and deglaciation patterns of the former Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the Weichselian Stage / Prof. Juha Pekka Lunkka


Uula Autio

Joint-inversion and modelling in electromagnetic geophysics / Prof. Elena Kozlovskaya

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