Course: Stakeholder engagement in exploration and mining

Torstai, lokakuu 31, 2019 - Perjantai, marraskuu 8, 2019


Stakeholder engagement in exploration and mining

Stakeholder engagement and social license to operate is one of the most important aspects in exploration and mining projects. The geology student and newly graduated geologist working on the field are often one of the first person´s encountering the local stakeholders (residents, shopkeepers etc.). Therefore, field geologists are key persons in creating positive image of the respective company for the local stakeholders. During the course, various aspects of stakeholder engagement and gaining social license to operate during exploration and mining projects will be covered through expert lectures (Docent Leena Suopajärvi) and industry specialists (e.g. Mawson Oy)



1st part 31.10.2019 (12-16) and 1.11.2019 (10-14)

2nd part 7.11.2019 (12-16) and 8.11.2019 (10-14)




Docent Leena Suopajärvi                                                          Janne Kinnunen, Senior Geologist

(University of Lapland)                                                                       (Mawson Resources Ltd)



University of Oulu, Finland (possibility for participation via video connection)



MSc students from UniOulu, LTU, TuBAF and AGH + interested people from the related industry


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