Nordic Workshop on Relationship Dynamics - NoRD

NoRD workshops are open to all researchers in the areas of Marketing and Management; the ‘Nordic’ title simply refers to the locations and people organizing the workshops.

You are warmly welcome to attend NoRD2016!

What is NoRD?

The NoRD workshops are focused settings for giving and receiving constructive comments, working together in an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere, as well as having fun. The focus is on relationship dynamics, covering both B2), B2C and C2C relationships. Relationship dynamics include both the inherent dynamic nature of relationships and networks, and specific dynamic states; the start of relationships, their major turning points (e.g. after critical events), the work involved in maintaining relationship stability, and the ending of relationships. Dynamics involves different actor levels (e.g. individuals, teams, companies, network actors etc.), different actions (intentional or not) take place, and how different outcomes influence the actors involved.

At the workshops, each paper has two commentators (a senior and a junior) and 45 minutes in total are spent for the presentation and discussion. In addition to the paper presentations, the workshops include team work and occasional guest speakers.

The story so far...

The story of the NoRD Workshops begins at 1999 when Bo Edvardsson from Karlstad, Virpi Havila from Uppsala, Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen and Tore Strandvik from Hanken, and Jaana Tähtinen from University of Oulu developed an idea of a joint workshop. At the time, Jaana, preparing her doctoral thesis on business relationship dissolution, was chosen to organise the 1st workshop. Kjell Grønhaug from BI joined the group, and the 1st NoRD took place already at 2000. This illustrates how we have been a dynamic group already from the beginning!

What about output? So far, eight bi-annual workshops have been organized where some 121 papers have been presented and discussed. At least 22 licentiate or doctoral thesis have been advanced at different workshops, a Special issue on Relationship Ending appeared in Journal of Marketing Management in 2004, special sessions have been organized at the IMP Conference (2011, 2013, 2015), some 34 NoRD papers have been published as journal articles later on, and new co-authorships have been born at NoRD.

Hence, the current scientific committee feels that the NoRD workshops have been very helpful in advancing the research community. We would like to welcome researchers to join the debate around relationship dynamics. The IMP2015 Conference at Kolding, Denmark will have a Special Session (co-chaired by Annmarie Ryan, Teea Palo, and Jaana Tähtinen) and the NoRD2016 workshop will be organised in Finland. Please follow the updates on our LinkedIn pages.

Who is part of the Scientific Committee?

Prof. Bo Edvardsson, Karlstad University, Sweden
Associate Prof. Debbie Harrison, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Prof. Virpi Havila, Uppsala University, Sweden
Prof. Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen, Hanken, Finland
Prof. Tore Strandvik, Hanken, Finland
Prof. Jaana Tähtinen, University of Oulu and Turku School of Economics – Pori unit, Finland

More about the NoRD workshops and presented papers:

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