MASG - Mergers and Acquisitions as a Strategy for Growth 

Projektin kesto: 
3.2008 - 6.2010
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)
Rahoituksen määrä: 
EUR 165 859
Projektin kuvaus: 
MASG was a two-year research project funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) and partner firms. In this research project, we explore the role of cross-border M&As in executing the strategies for growth of firms operating in the high-technology field. Research questions to be addressed are as follows. How do firms structure acquisition programs to better achieve strategy and growth objectives? How are M&As managed within an acquisition program? What country-specific conditions provide the most beneficial environment for technology acquirers to benefit from cross-border M&As? What value drivers do acquirers rely on in valuing targets in different market conditions?
Professor Tomi Laamanen (Helsinki University of Technology), Professor Juha-Pekka Kallunki (OBS), Researcher Elina Pyykkö (OBS), Corporate Partners; Componenta Oyj and Wärtsilä Oyj Abp.
Projektin tulokset: 
2 scientific articles in refereed international journal, one academic dissertation and 2 Master’s Thesis
Professor Juha-Pekka Kallunki (

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