Regional Development of the High Technology Industry in Finland

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1.2011 - 12.2013
Academy of Finland
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EUR 261 077
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Postdoctoral Researcher's project funded by the Academy of Finland. This research project contributes empirically to the literature of regional economics concerning the linkages between technological development and economic growth. First we shall focus on the question of what has been the role of high technology industry in national and regional economic growth in Finland during the past two decades. Secondly, we shall analyze how the industrial structure and the R&D-intensity have affected both regional development of the high technology sector and its capability to cope with economic trends. Third main objective of this research is to analyze how regional labour mobility has affected both agglomeration of the high technology firms and regional development of high technology industry.
Professor Philip McCann (Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Professor Rauli Svento and Professor Artti Juutinen (OBS), Postdoctoral Researcher Jaakko Simonen (OBS).
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Scientific articles in refereed international journals.
Postdoctoral Researcher Jaakko Simonen (

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