HURMOS - Developing Humour as a Strategic Tool for Creating Innovative Business

Projektin kesto: 
3.2015 - 5.2017
Rahoituksen määrä: 
162 000 EUR (Total budget 540 000)
Projektin kuvaus: 
The project aims to increase awareness of how to use humour in Finnish companies by developing new practices and business opportunities. HURMOS sees humour as relevant in business, growth and internationalization. The multidisciplinary project 1) identifies the business potential related to humour usage in companies: current ways of using humour, as well as the potential and limits of humour in corporate communication and product and service development. Moreover, cultural differences regarding humour in business will be explored, to stimulate new ‘out-of-the box’ ways to use humour in business environments. 2) HURMOS applies strategic humour to corporate communication: humour is explored as part of both internal and external communication with a special focus on well-being at work, corporate storytelling, and corporate and employer branding. Especially the context of international digital media will be under focus. 3) New business opportunities will be created through developing humour-based products and services. The most pertinent question here is how humour can be applied as a strategic tool in business development, both in facilitating creative R&D&I work environments, and in involving humour in products and services. Rich and extensive research data will be gathered through e.g. peer group mentoring, collecting humour-based narration, interviews, survey-questionnaires, workshops and experimental data, mainly from partner companies. In addition, benchmarking will be conducted in selected industries as well as through conducting broader surveys targeted to Finnish export companies. As a result of HURMOS, companies are provided with increased competence in the strategic use of humour in different industries. Also, their capacity to use humour in corporate communication and in product and service development processes will be enhanced. Managing humour-related capability is explored through the search for potential ways of measuring its efficiency in business.
University of Oulu (Oulu Business School, Faculty of Education
Projektin tulokset: 
Organizing Nordic Academy of Management Conference NFF2015 track: Humour, Fun and Joy in and outside organizations. Deadline for abstracts 31.1.2015.
Responsible leader of the project: Piia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Project manager: Eeva-Liisa Oikarinen.

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