GM animal services

GM animal services and GMO operations

Genetically modified mice are produced and strains are maintained in the mouse barrier unit. GM strains are usually created by research groups and are in their possession. In addition to GM mice, there are also gene modified rat strains that are maintained at the research unit. GM animals can also be purchased for research from outside producers.

Valid facility and project licences are required for creating and maintaining a new GM strain and conducting research with. KEKS has an operating licence issued by the Board for Gene Technology for class 1 contained use of GM animals. The licence requires that all information pertaining to GM strains be kept in the GM register maintained by KEKS.

Maintaining animals treated with viral vectors (e.g. adeno- or lentiviruses), or conducting experiments with them, is possible in KEKS with special arrangements. There are no designated areas for manufacturing viral vectors or otherwise processing them in KEKS; instead, the research departments themselves are responsible for these premises and their GMO licences. More information on GMO licences and classification is available at the website of the Board for Gene Technology.

Basic inbred strains and outbred stocks as well as GM strains are bred and maintained in the mouse barrier. The mice are SPF (specific pathogen free) animals, free of certain species specific pathogenic microbes and parasites. Further information can be found on the pages Mouse barrier and Environmental conditions and care of the animals.

GM animals are produced by the Biocenter Oulu Transgenic Core Facility. After embryo transfer, the KEKS personnel is responsible for the breeding and maintenance of the GM mice.

Services offered

  • Hormone injections for embryo donors and plugging of the recipients as related to producing new strains
  • The production and maintenance of GM mice in accordance with researcher instructions
  • Time mating and plugging
  • Taking DNA samples and delivering the samples to the researchers
  • Euthanising animals
  • Delivering mice to researchers based on written orders
  • Experimental procedures in accordance with a separate agreement, such as special feed, taking blood samples or other samples
  • Keeping records in Provet animal data system



Last updated: 5.1.2017