Provet - the animal data management system

Provet Lab Animals - Oulu

Provet Lab Animals - Oulu is the Animal Data Management System of KEKS. It is a web browser based service. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.

Project license is a central element in Provet. There are two types of licenses: Those approved by the National Animal Experiment Board (external licenses, ESAVI) and those approved by the KEKS (internal licenses).

All animals are placed under some license. New licenses are entered in Provet by the license holder (researcher) who must save and send it to KEKS for activation. After activation, the researcher can order animals or new animals can be entered into the system.

The license number is mandatory information when entering the new licenses. In the projects accepted by ELLA, the license number given by ESAVI will be added in the license number field. With the internal licenses, the researcher will add the date and the own initials in this field and KEKS will later give the internal number to this license.

The license also determines which animals the researcher can see or handle.  A researcher can see the animals only if s/he is attached to the license of the animals in Provet (the role may be a license holder, a payer, a responsible researcher, or a researcher attached to the license). If you need to be attached to the license (= should see the animals), please, ask the license holder to add you in the license.

There are two versions of Provet:

Production version ( | Contains the real animal data. Know what you do!
Test and practice version ( | Please, feel free to practice here.

When logging in for the first time, the program asks to complete the user form and send it to KEKS for activation. The program is accessible after activation and log-in is done with the user name and password of Oulu University via University Shibboleth-system.


Contact persons in KEKS

eija.nissinen(at) (general technical assistance, statistics)

tuula.stranius(at) (animals, statistics)

tanja.sankala(at) (animals)

sakari.laaksonen(at) (licences and animal welfare)

hanna-marja.voipio(at) (new GM strains, licenses)


Last updated: 30.12.2016