Price list and grounds for billing

Internal price

The researchers at the University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital will be billed for the laboratory animal services in accordance with the internal price list. In the event that the internal service bills will be paid for with external money, administration costs and value added tax  will be added to the bill.

External price

External customers will be billed in accordance with actual costs, external price list. The administration costs and value added tax will be added to the bill.


In-house produced mice and rats are billed according to their age at the time of delivery. Animals acquired from outside sources are billed for as agreed. The purchase and delivery costs for these animals are charged from the orderer.

Daily animal care

Animal care fee per day is specific to species and is charged from the day of delivery of the animal until the end of the care period. The daily care fee for an animal coming from an outside source will begin on the day of arrival of the animal(s). The researcher’s own breeders are charged the normal daily care fee, and separate fees for the offspring will be charged from the day of weaning. The daily care of animals receiving special feed is priced according to prior agreement.
When producing special strains, the prices are determined separately.


Fees are charged on an hourly basis, with 15 minutes being the minimum time.

Last updated: 2.7.2020