Waste management

Animals and tissues

The regulation on by-products (EC No1069/ 2009) lays down health rules as regards animal by-products not intended for human consumption. This regulation applies also to the handling of laboratory animal waste. Laboratory animals are classified as class 1 by-products that must be destroyed at an approved processing facility.

Laboratory animal waste collection is centralised in the Laboratory Animal Centre freezers that function as temporary storage prior to final disposal. KEKS further delivers the waste to the appropriate processing facilities.

  1. Rodents and rabbits are first put into plastic bags, which are then packed in hazardous waste boxes or paper bags
  2. Pigs are packed in durable double plastic bags
  3. Sheep are packed in durable double plastic bags and packages are marked with the animal’s age or date of birth.

In terms of rodents processed with viral vectors, the research unit follows separate waste processing guidelines.

Laboratory waste

Sharp waste and glass waste must be collected in separate bins in the laboratories. KEKS delivers the waste to be disposed in accordance with waste management regulations.

Last updated: 9.1.2017