Breeding orders for GM mice

  • The breeding orders are done in Provet.
  • Breeding and plugging requests should be done 2-3 days before due to the work arrangements.
  • The male must be at least 6-7 weeks old and the female 8 weeks old.  Animals younger than this shall be used for breeding only in exceptional circumstances. It must also be kept in mind that initiating breeding with mice over six months old may fail. Females over one year old must not be bred.
  • When the pups are 14 days of age, they will be ear marked, a DNA sample is taken and they will be appointed a sequential DNA number.
  • The pups are weaned from the mother at the age of 21 days. If the pups are small in size, they may remain with the mother until the age of approximately 25–28 days.


Last updated: 5.1.2017